Thursday, December 07, 2006

Had a nice time in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg TN! We enjoyed spending time with our friends from NC. Katerina had a ball. Here are a couple pictures from our weekend. We were saddened to see that the Boyd Bear Country is closing down in Pigeon Forge. The one in Gettysburg PA is remaining open. Everything was on sale there so we got a few things.

I have some Christmas cards made, and some purchased. I haven't had the motivation to address them and send them out! This is considered *late* of me not to send out cards yet and it's still early December! :) I usually send right after Thanksgiving. We are going to do a newsletter this year and print a picture of the 3 of us (posted above) to include in our cards so that's the reason for the delay.

I want to try and stamp some white images over transparency sheets on cards. I've seen gorgeous cards using this technique!

It's been COLD!!!! Perfect for hot cocoa, coffee time! I need to get back to stamping and posting some of my cards here soon!


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