Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh my gosh! It seems that both of Kat's teachers were fired. Long story short, a new teacher introduced herself to me this afternoon. I remember one of her teachers was frantically getting ready to leave yesterday without making eye contact and the Director was writing down the teacher's address. Looking back, it is clear something was wrong. The school is not telling me anything except that it had nothing to do with the children's safety. They said the Director is sending out a letter on Monday. I've spoken with another parent about it and we are not happy with how the school is handling it. Unfortunately the school is closed tomorrow and Friday due to the entire school staff training (already planned way ahead of time) so we won't know much until maybe Monday. I felt that the teachers were doing a wonderful job but who knows. Katerina seems unaffected, which is good. I watch her daily on the internet and from the looks of it, she enjoys school. I'm just in a bit of a shock and keep wondering what happened. I hope Katerina likes her new teacher. If the school gives us any more problems, there are two other schools we have in mind as backup. We'll see.


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