Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas season has begun. It was nice having my mom here visiting with us and spending quality time with Katerina. They had a ball. Mom's food was delicious. Friday morning Mom and I hit Kohl's at 5AM! We got some good deals there and then we went to Parisian's where we also got great deals. Walmart, Target and then to Linen & Things which was a NIGHTMARE! The parking lot was impossible. If I have a chance to do it again next year, I think Kohl's and Parisian's or any other store that has the early bird special would be worth going to for good prices and bargains.
Saturday was such a beautiful sunny and warm day. Mike hung the Christmas lights outside while Katerina and I played outside. Today we are going to decorate our Christmas tree!

I'm an early bird so I woke up and happened to look at some of my old blogs from when Katerina was a baby and I was a Stay At Home Mom. Oh boy! I really miss my little baby, where did the time go? She was such a sweet little baby! I'm glad I blogged some of her life as a baby and had some awesome pictures of her. It was bittersweet looking through her pictures. It made me briefly have an urge for another baby but in reality I do not want and do not plan on another one.
Well, I better go and start my day. I took a few pictures of my mom, Katerina and will take a few more pictures of the Christmas decorations and post them here later on as well as some of the other Christmas cards I made.


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